Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Snakey Halloween

I love Halloween.

I love it because all the ghouls, goblins, ghosts, and other maligned creatures come out of hiding to be celebrated for the creepy beings they are. So of course it was befitting that my mean, nasty, bitey, stinky, poopy, hissy pet snake Bluster come out on the town with me.

Bluster was a big hit in the San Luis Obispo Halloween scene. Before I knew it (okay, so I didn't know it at the time, but found out from looking at my photos the next morning :-), everyone in the bars were passing him around and posing with the ghoulish creature. Apparently he had used up all of his bite on me earlier that night.

Not all the partiers were convinced... check out the woman in the upper right. Here's Bluster joining the festivities by taking a sip of rum and coke.

Don't worry, he doesn't bite! Mwoo ha ha!

The night ended when I got distracted with something and the bartender was unhappy to find Bluster crawling across the bar toward him. We got kicked to the curb.

Happy Halloween!


da rev said...

this is hilarious. the pictures are great. i recall a certain bluster incident before heading out to eat. :bleh:

miss you

Moreninha76 said...

Great costume, snakes rule, check out this page about the corn snake

Veiled chameleon said...

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