Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ah, February is a strange month. It is a somewhat boring month, because it's still too cold for herps to be out in force. But it is also an exciting month, because March is on the horizon! Ah, how I love almighty March, when the oak trees are covered in sleepy lizards and the rock outcrops are full of amorous rattlesnakes.

February hasn't been all bad, especially for amphibians. This is why my yawn was followed by an exclamation point! We've had a lot of rain lately followed by a few days of warm weather. So there have been some signs of ectothermic life. Check out what Marty has found, mainly under logs, in our yard in the past few days:

California newt

California kingsnake


Slender salamander

Western fence lizard basking

Here are a few photos from a recent trip to Tucson to visit da Rev.

Hiking in Pima Canyon

A cardinal (which is a reptile. Ask me why.)

After the Gem and Mineral show:

In other news: revenge of the ticks! I came home recently to find Marty sporting a mild case of Conjoined Twin Myselexia.

Normally the twin is big, grey, and stinky (our old doggie Darwin, who never willingly lets Marty out of his sight), but that day it was one of my good old Ixodes buddies. I tried to talk Marty into letting the tick feed to repletion so I could get its offspring, but he was having none of that!


Jim Di Bartolo said...

Hey is this THE Emily Taylor that I read about on ;)

Hey, great blog post here and great article! So cool that they mentioned and then linked to your blog!

I hope Marty's healing up well :)


Anonymous said...

poor marty a/k/a test subject.
you weirdo.
i was stopping by to nag about the post and look what i find?! cool pics. miss you.
da rev.
p.s. rodrigo and gabriela ROCKED my socks off! :)

Alexandra S said...

The red cardinal is a reptile? Why is that??? Did you know that the Twinkie is really a member of the vegetable family? It is. Emily, can you believe that you are going to be an aunt TWICE this year? Congrats! And keep up this cool blog!

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